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Selected Press Quotes

" Some of the best advice and analysis of the year's Balkan troubles in and around Serbia especially will come from specialists like the International Crisis Group, whose reports fly ever thicker and quicker through the ether "
The Economist, The World In 2001

" ICG - a reputation for the timely presentation of independent analysis "
Reuters, 3 July 2000

" ICG succeeds in adding value…in the form of first-class reports that not only assess potentially dangerous situations but also recommend what governments should do about them "
The Asian Wall Street Journal, 30 June 2000

" ICG - a credible source of information about dangerous and obscure places, not only to governments, but also to the media "
The Economist, 3 June 2000

" an independent organisation that has had an exemplary record of correct judgements in the Balkans "
The Washington Times, 5 January 2000

" specialised in the monitoring of crisis zones, ICG's reports on the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi are excellent "
Radio France Internationale, 23 September 1999

" ICG speaks with authority "
NRC Handelsblad, 2 July 1999

" Reputed for the quality of its analysis on Bosnia Herzegovina "
Agence France Presse, 12 April 1999

" It takes the ICG to raise such troublesome issues, because the other foreign groups that brave the world's trouble spots are generally biased towards discretion. "
The Economist, 25 July 1998

" This private, geopolitical think tank is taken seriously in UN circles and dares to say what many diplomats quietly think to themselves. "
Libération, 29 April 1998

" Reputed for the rigour of its political analyses "
Le Monde, 17 August 1996

" The International Crisis Group earned widespread respect when it helped unveil mass-scale manipulation in refugee voter registration (in Bosnia) in August "
Reuters, November 14, 1996

" A potent collection of business, political and media leaders from around the globe whose aim is to prevent world crises through early intervention "
The Washington Times, 5 May 1996

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