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Having weathered the Kosovo crisis in 1999, Macedonia was relatively stable throughout 2000. But in late February 2001, long-simmering ethnic tensions escalated and resulted in the flare-up of violence in Albanian-inhabited villages in the north of the country, close to the border with Kosovo.

ICG's reports on Macedonia have over the last years outlined strategies to support the country's hazardous transition process. Since early 2001, they have focused on ways of preventing the country's slide into full-blown war.

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Latest Reports
Macedonia's Name: Why the Dispute Matters and How to Resolve It
10 December 2001
Macedonia's Name: Why the Dispute Matters and How to Resolve It (Local Language Version)
10 December 2001
Macedonia: Filling the Security Vacuum
8 September 2001
"Making a Real Peace in Macedonia"
Comment by Edward Joseph, published in the New York Times on 31 August 2001

31 August 2001
"NATO Must Do More in Macedonia"
Comment by Gareth Evans, published in the Wall Street Jounral, U.S. edition

22 August 2001