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ICG has been active in Kosovo since late 1997, when it started following up advance warnings of impending crisis. As the conflict unfolded in the province, ICG issued a series of reports cataloguing events and analysing the strategies of key players in Kosovo and the regime of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. ICG also provided a detailed assessment of the NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia and the peace agreement hammered out in June 1999. A team of three analysts is currently based in Pristina, reporting on the peace process and efforts to defuse tensions, establish the rule of law and create a functioning system of self-government.

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Latest Reports
Kosovo: Landmark Election
21 November 2001
Kosovo: Landmark Election (Verzija Na Lokalnom Jeziku)
21 November 2001
Religion in Kosovo
31 January 2001
Reaction in Kosovo to Kostunica's Victory
10 October 2000
Kosovo Report Card
28 August 2000