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International Crisis Group Annual Report for 2001
ICG's Annual Report 2001 sets out the organisation's accomplishments during 2000 and plans for 2001. It also contains audited financial statements for the financial year ending 30 June 2000.

To view the report in pdf format, please click here: ICG Annual report 2001

To receive a hard copy of the report, please contact the ICG office in Brussels at

Last year was one of rapid and sustained expansion for ICG. About the only thing that did not change was our core mission: conflict prevention and containment, pursued through field-based analysis, policy prescription and high-level advocacy. If policymaker reaction is a guide, our visibility and effectiveness as a highly credible source of analysis and policy advice also grew significantly.

Among the highlights of 2000:

  • ICG became established on three continents (adding Asia), and in 18 countries (up 6 from 1999)
  • Core staff rose from 25 to 55, new advocacy offices were opened in New York and Paris, and our Brussels and Washington offices were upgraded
  • Media exposure increased significantly as a result of greater advocacy focus
  • ICG's available funds increased from around $3 million to more than $6 million, with particularly strong growth in individual and foundation contributions
  • ICG's website received over seven million hits and more than half a million visits, an average of 1300 active users daily.

Plans for 2001:

  • Significant additional resources will be channelled into advocacy, with ICG's high-profile Board increasingly involved
  • Policy prescriptions will be subject to broad review, with more outside input, to ensure that they are sharp, relevant and well-timed
  • New Africa projects will be started, particularly Sierra Leone and East Africa
  • Our program in Asia will be consolidated, especially in Indonesia, which is of significantly growing concern
  • ICG will remain active in the Balkans since many issues with conflict potential remain unresolved
  • We will be considering initiating a new program in Latin America, and doing further work on some key thematic issues.

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