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Jon Greenwald

G. Jonathan Greenwald held senior diplomatic postings in Berlin (West and East), Budapest, Belgrade, Madrid, and Brussels and helped negotiate the Helsinki Final Act during a 30-year United States Foreign Service career. He left government after four years as Minister Counselor at the U.S. Mission to the European Union, first to teach, as Scarff Distinguished Visiting Professor of Diplomacy and Foreign Policy at Lawrence University (USA), then to coordinate foreign policy issues in Senator Bill Bradley’s Presidential campaign. He returned to Brussels in January 2001 as ICG’s Vice President (Programs). The author of one book, Berlin Witness: An American Diplomat’s Chronicle of East Germany’s Revolution, and numerous journal and newspaper articles on foreign policy, he speaks German, French and Hungarian. He holds high honours degrees from Princeton University (history and classics) and Harvard Law School, is a member of the United States Council on Foreign Relations, and is married to the German mystery novelist G.K. Greenwood.

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